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Complete Wedding Package


Using the Complete Wedding Package provides the following benefits:


  • A full thirty minutes of prelude music plus an hour for the wedding itself if needed. (90 Minutes total)

  • A free personal meeting with Ray Weaver to plan your music selections at Noteworthy Music in St. Matthews. Ray can play musical examples of the many options available for processionals, recessionals and other ceremonial moments to help you make choices that will create the wedding ceremony you envision.  If you prefer we can also plan the wedding music selections via email or telephone.

  • The ability to work with any other musicians or vocalists you have engaged and to have a 15-minute rehearsal with them prior to the wedding at no cost. Additional time will be at a cost of $40 per 15-minute increment.

  • A free special arrangement of your favorite song may be available depending on the nature of the music and printed sheet music available.  Additional songs may also be arranged for a small fee. 

  • Prices are for the Louisville area (up to 20 miles from downtown)


  • String Trio*                                       $620 (3 musicians)

  • String Quartet                                 $750 (4 musicians)

  • String Quartet including Harp   $800 (4 musicians)


Additional music for the reception is at the following rates

(per hour, can also be pro-rated in 15-minute increments):

  • $200 for four players;

  • $150 for three players

***We would encourage all our clients to use the quartet with four players instead of the trio. The additional musician adds so much to the final  product in volume, beauty, and completeness which having only three parts simply can’t match. When space or budget is a big consideration it is reasonable to engage a trio, but probably nowhere in a wedding budget can the additional expense of fourth musician provide a bigger difference in the final result.

Etown Quartet Pic.jpg

Economy Wedding Package


 Economy Wedding Package has the following limitations:


  • Ceremony and prelude must be 50 minutes or less combined.  Usually, this means a 20-minute prelude and 30-minute ceremony.

  • If the prelude plus wedding lasts longer than 50 minutes the Complete Package price will apply and the additional fee will be billed.

  • Music will be chosen in consultation by phone or email. There is an option to schedule a personal meeting for a $35 fee. 

  • No new music arrangements are included. New arrangements are available on a fee per song basis (usually $30 if we have to make the arrangement ourselves) but many songs are now available for online download and we only charge that cost - usually around $13-$15.

  • Prices are for the Louisville area (up to 20 miles from downtown)


  • String Trio*                            $560

  • String Quartet                      $650

  • String Quartet and Harp   $700

  • Trumpet or Vocalist            $200 additional 

  • We can work with vocalists and trumpet players if we are familiar with them and no rehearsal will be necessary. Vocalists may perform up to two songs already in our repertoire which must be approved.

                     Music for the

              Reception Only


String Trio:       $500 for the 1st hour; $150 per hour thereafter

String Quartet $600 for the 1st Hour; $200 per hour thereafter

SQ/ and Harp   $650 for the 1st Hour; $200 per hour thereafter

String Quartet playing music for a wedding
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