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Can I expect quick access if I need to contact you?


We monitor both emails, phone calls, and text messages to 502-345-5485 throughout the day.  Usually we will respond in three hours or less, and frequently immediately.  Leading up to the wedding day you will be

given the cell number of the musician in charge of the wedding as well as the number of the manager, Ray Weaver for any last minute changes or issues.  Communication is very important to us!

What will your musicians wear?


The two most popular options are "formal" with the men wearing Tuxes and black bowties and the women wearing either white tops/black bottoms or all black;  and "concert black" with men in long-sleeved black collar shirts and black pants, and women in all black.   The former is more popular for church  and evening indoor weddings, the latter is more suited to outdoor or smaller, less formal weddings.

Can you play outdoor weddings?


Certainly - most of our Summer and Fall weddings are outdoors! Our main concern is the safety of our instruments which are valuable and subject to varnish and glue melting resulting in costly repairs and value loss.   In summer or when temperatures exceed 78 degrees, we must be in  a shaded area.    We can not play if there is rain unless we have a tent or covering.  We are very familiar with most of the popular outdoor venues in the area and almost all have areas which allow us to perform safely.

Will the musicians who play my wedding be the same players I heard at a Bridal Show or at another wedding? 


The individual players may or may not be the same.  We have eight regular players featured on our website, but we have another dozen who play with us frequently.  All are experienced, mature, professional, and talented and most have played with us for many years.  We view all our players as interchangeable and fully representing the Highland Chamber Players.

Will you attend the rehearsal?


We don't have anyone attend the rehearsal except in most unusual circumstances. You do not need to worry about timing as we seamlessly lengthen or shorten the music to fit the ceremony as it happens.   Prior to starting the prelude music  a quick communication with the coordinator or officiant will be sufficient to provide us with any cues we will need.  

Can you play for the reception?


Yes, we can play for both the wedding and reception, or either alone.  A popular choice is for us to play the wedding and then an hour of the reception, with a band or DJ following.  Sometimes we play the entire reception and transition from classical into contemporary popular hits .

Can I have a vocalist perform at the wedding? 

We are happy to perform either with a vocalist we provide or with someone of your own choosing.  Do consider that any rehearsals with a vocalist will need to occur on the day of the wedding some fifteen to thirty minutes before the prelude.  We are very adept at making singers  feel comfortable even when they have no prior experience performing for weddings.  

Quartet or Trio?

We always think the quartet is the best choice.  Most music, both classical and popular, is intended to be played by four or more musicians and will sound both full and more beautiful if the string quartet is used.

However, either budget or space limitations may make a trio or even duo a sensible choice.  Do bear in mind that choosing the trio or duo  may limit the songs available as some of our repertoire requires all four players.  There are  still a large number of choices available as a trio but if you have your heart set on a certain song or genre, it is best to discuss that with us before making the decision.

Do you play weddings throughout the state?

We seem to be on the road more frequently the past few years.  We have played for dozens of weddings in Lexington, and have gone to Pikeville, Prestonsburg, Leitchfield, Bardstown, Cincinnati, Mayfield, Paris,Danville, Somerset, Hodgenville, Springfield, Bowling Green and Lebanon among other places.  There is a mileage/travel fee which varies by location.

How do I pick music for before ceremony?                               

You are welcome to select specific songs or pieces for any portion of your event.   If you let us know what mood you would like to create  we can make appropriate recommendations.   However, you may also lighten your workload by simply giving us an idea of your likes and dislikes and we will  then choose what feels best for the moment and the location. 

Do you send us a contract?

We always send a standard contract based on the national contract used by professional musicians and organizations across the country.  We require a deposit of $200 with final payment due at or on the day of the wedding or event.

Can I record or video the music            played at my wedding?

Yes.  While there is language in the contract that prevents commercial recording for resale, any video or recording you wish to make for yourself, friends, and family is perfectly fine.

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